About us

The TailGate Chamber Biography

In the summer of 2011 two music enthusiasts met at a park and surrounded by millions of blood thirsty biting midges, they shared a few beers and realized they had a lot in common, their love for music. They kept hanging out and soon they started having more and more fun, talking music, working on beats and jamming. They were on to something! As their collaborations continued, it became clear in which direction their shared creative energy needed to flow: new notes, lyrics, and melodies - basslines, verses, playing strings - all-night-long arrangements of good cheer and curiosity, head-nodding, hear-tearing - step by step more harmony… They honed their sound and found the catalyst for their musical style. TAILGATE CHAMBER. Since its birth, tailgate chamber has burned on and on, and never ceased its sound, always searching for new depths and new directions. Come and join us!